Patient NIYITEGEKA on the front of HAND IN HAND FOR DEVELOPMENT (HIHD) I’m NIYITEGEKA Patient born here in Rwanda ,Western Province,Rubavu district ,in my life I got chance to be supported by the important Women call Rosamond Carr she supported me since primary school to university during this period I got opportunities to sit time with her because my Father use to cook for her in a period of over 35 years ,this important women told me the important world “Patient don’t sleep while people are suffering “at this time she tried to explain me her background and how she struggle to support different community who surrounded Mugongo Plantation at that time I was in S2 I was like history at my age 7 years ago she when I was in graduate I I got other opportunity to share tea with her she asked me that question again it was a long period as I was little boy at that time and my communication skill was down I told her that I don’t remember that and she repeat again at that level my communication was increase and I asked her to why and she took time to explain me deeply and she told me to take a brock not and to notice this world” Patient don’t sleep while people are suffering” I was crying and ask her how I will overcome this it was a burden she put on my head I asked her why and how I will overcome this ,she told me that I took time to analyze your path you will overcome ,because some times in the holidays I used to carry some manure to fertilize the flowers on her garden , I was not in a position to take other option I took this in 2006 she died at this period I was in bachelor I ,so it was hard time for me to match how to finalize my university and to put into practice of what she told me to put into practices ,this time was hard for me but I was try all my best and my family took responsibility to support me in one year in 2007 at the end I graduate my university by chance I got job directly at Karongi District in CARITAS it was a project operate in all sectors of karongi where I was in charge of food distribution for people living with HIV/AIDs and the project teach beneficiaries how to fight against malnutrition via using cooking demonstration ,I worked in this project in a period of 3 years and during this period I had in my mind the word Rosamond Carr told me and I was see how I will start the process in 2011 the project close out and I return home with few money ,reach home I was thinking every time how I will put this into action in afternoon when I was working in the city I saw the street kids walking in the street and they asked me to give them one hundred Rwandan Francs I asked them what this will help u they told me that we will go at the restaurant to buy the rest of food call Iroko they were 7 kids and I asked them to go in the restaurant call Bugoyi and I ask the manager the meaning of Iroko he explained me that it’s the rest of food in the restaurant and I asked him what they do with this and he told me that some time the people who have pigs come and buy it or the street kids come to beg this I asked him to show me real the food it was very bad food where they mixt all the west from the restaurant and this reminded me the word Rosamond Carr told me I had one hundred thousand left at my account directly I want to the Bank to withdraw 10000RFW I bought food for these kids when we were sharing the food in the restaurant a world come in my mind that up to now you start the work ,in the same time I directly invite these 7 street kids to come at home 2 times in a week as I was single I informed my family that two times a week we will have 7 visitors as my mother and my sisters have love and respect they said welcome and I want to the Bank I withdraw again 60000Frw I bought rice ,maze flow ,oil, charcoal and put this at home It’s how I started put Rosamond Carr message in realization .during this period I had different memories I faced when I was young see the people living with albinism were suffering at that period because we live with one I saw the conditions she was treated and this wounded me ,other was water situation in my homeland village these two mentioned challenges were wounded me. but all come at the right time 3 months starting feeding the kids ‘I met with a good friend on FB from USA her name is Susie Fujinaga she helped me to support these kids and she open my mind on the rest of the community who were in difficult situation the ladies affected by HIV/AIDs we took initiative to help this group also at this point i said that I can’t work without naming the organization and I named it GOD IN US AFRICA ORGANIZATION we work with these two groups (Street kids and widows living with HIV/AIDs ) in 2014 by internet research I met DAVID H Albert who is my important person who help me to realize my dreams on 70% as I was wounded by crises of water in the past and many kids of my age who didn’t achieve the school due water issues David guided me direct to work with FRIENDLY WATER FOR THE WORLD in that period I have been trained at Goma DRC in a period of one year over than 100 people got clean water on affordable price it was in 2015 where my dreams was increase on 75% after a period of 6 months it was in the same year I was be appointed us FRIENDLY WATER FOR THE WORLD –RWANDA COUNTRY Representative at the same period after evaluate the work we did in the area the local government advice as to change the name and we changed the name into HAND IN HAND FOR DEVELOPMENT (HIHD) now I’m proud of the work I’m doing I hope that where Rosamond Carr is resting see the progress of task she gave me grow.

NIYITEGEKA Patient founded HIHD as a place where these marginalize endogenous people an alternative where they can be educated, learn skills, generating a sustainable living for themselves and they families. Today Patient advocate internationally to these people.