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Improve access to hygiene and sanitation


Most communities from rural area of Rwanda especial those located in Volcanic area don’t have access to a safe toilet. Poor sanitation contaminates drinking-water sources, spreads diseases among the wider population. Just $1 invested in basic sanitation returns up to $5 in saved medical costs and increased productivity. Basic sanitation means that every household has its own toilet and does not share with another household. These toilets should also keep human waste out of contact with people.


To contribute to respond to these challenges HIHD supports communities through offering trainings on construction of off-grid and odor-and-fly free composting toilets that naturally process waste and output pathogen-safe compost for agricultural use. The toilet does not require digging deeper and uses a filter-digester for solids and liquids to separate. The liquid is processed naturally in a sink hole or can be diverted to a container. The solids are composted by earthworms. The flushing and processing is accelerated using grey-water from a handle-less hand-washing container in the toilet. HIHD also supports communities to increase hygiene and sanitation through establishment of adequate sanitary infrastructures.