HIHD is a social and economic development organization dedicated to promote the living conditions of vulnerable and marginalized people as well as protecting and defending their rights. HIHD was founded in 2012 by good-hearted people motivated by the disarray and precarious situations through which people lived especially those orphans, widows, people living with albinism, girls heads of households as a result from the hard times and civil wars that Rwanda passed through before and after colonization period. These led to excessive unemployment youth and severe conditions for marginalized groups; therefore, there was strong need to reintegrate them socially and economically in developing vocational skills; providing training and awareness campaigns on peace building , human rights and ensuring education and innovation in job creation.


NABACU (“THEY ARE OURS”) program focuses on people with albinism disability. Thousands of people living with albinism lives are endangered in Africa and particularly in sub Saharan African countries such as Nigeria, Sudan Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and southern African countries like Malawi etc. Witchcrafts and sorcery have developed much in these counties and endanger lives of these people. Children and women are the most at high risk because of their physical status and stereotypes that wicked people have towards them. People living with albinism are confronted with persecution which is based on the belief that certain body parts of albinistic people can transmit magical powers.


Everyone has the rights to water, access to clean water and adequate latrine Explore our WASH program Water is a strategic natural resource for Rwanda, underpinning the country’s socioeconomic development and ecosystems sustenance. The beautiful green hills and moist valleys that produce food all year round and attract international tourists are sustained by water. Rwanda’s water is also a strategic tool for Rwanda’s geo-political cooperation and security. All of Rwanda’s waters are shared, due to its upstream location in the Nile and Congo River Basins.


At HIHD we need communities and families to be self-reliant and build more food-secure future. Given their long-term negative effects on human capital development and poverty eradication, stunting and malnutrition come on the top of our agenda as top prior challenges to address. In our journey to uprooting stunting and malnutrition towards the wellbeing and health improvement of Rwandan communities; HIHD provides trainings on permagardening and climate smart agriculture to different communities countrywide; thereafter these the trained groups continue spreading permagarden approach in their communities.


Bee-keepers, basket makers, educators and business owners

How are you? Are you making the most of the new found freedom and meeting up with family and friends? It feels strange being reunited with people after so long apart. And even stranger thinking about the people and places we still cant visit. But this is where Taking Pictures, Changing Lives really comes into its own strength. As our team grows we are well positioned to assist charities and or...read more

Continuing to work hand in hand on the root to self-reliance

The Rwandan NGO Hand in Hand for Development (short: HIHD) works to improve the living conditions of marginalised population groups and to (re)integrate them into society. Already 2019, the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation supported the organisation in promoting two youth and womens cooperatives. Thanks to training in entrepreneurial skills and easier access to financial opportunities, the member... read more


I was hungry you gave me food ,I was in the jail you visited me it's in this way 250 vulnerable people said when they good right food at right time said .from the special initiative from NANCY STRACHAN AND Lisebeth Riis Cooper all those families get food in this critical situation of COVID 19 .Here over 85% relay on their daily work this lock down affected them extremely and we have once case ...read more


I had an amazing mom who helped pursue my passion for international travel starting when I was 19. I went around the world on World Campus Afloat, a ship that took me to 35 countries before I was 20. My Mothers Day images are from Rwandan art accumulated over last 13 years to honor the mothers everywhere but especially Rwanda. Its been a terrible few weeks for moms there with coronavirus loc... read more


The foundation of my work in recent years in Mbyo, Rwanda, a place dear to my soul. What you see here is no ordinary work but paradigm shifting double dug Terra Firma Permagardens being taught by genius Peter Jensen in this Peace and Reconciliation village in Rwanda. Whats being created here is a radical kind of garden/water tank. The source for the water is a roof from a shed they built on t...read more