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As a 40-year-old lesbian I have seen labia of a lot shapes and forms, but I have yet to see any as big as mine. This has begun to affect my personal capability to enjoy intercourse, to the stage that i can not climax with someone. In addition, oral intercourse is actually my favourite thing, but we no longer enjoy it. In my opinion my personal vulva is actually ugly, and my intimate self-confidence is reasonable. We have thought about labiaplasty, but I’m nervous surgical procedure would deplete feeling.

You might well have large labia in comparison to other women you may have known, but that does not mean you will be abnormal, or that the labia are ugly your lovers. You really have talked yourself into this extremely bad fixation (or simply you’ve been influenced by those that stand to benefit through encouraging ladies to feel that their unique genital shape, size or color is actually unattractive or abnormal). But I haven’t the labia, and indeed all of your vulva and snatch, offered you really prior to now and introduced both you and your lovers massive pleasure? Exactly why would that differ now? End targeting size, and alternatively consider – whether only or with someone – to any or all the stunning feelings they give. While making love, focus just on giving and receiving

delight, if in case negative thoughts develop, deliberately notice and stop them. End up being happy with the individuality, and attempt to see it as an optimistic trait; should you choose, other people will as well.

Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist whom specialises for sexual problems.

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