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Most of us have already been through it: you’re sexting with someone you came across on the internet, you are needs to kind one-handed, and all of a-sudden the phone is evolving almost every other term to “duck” or “guck” and “pushy” and “strap-one” and also you cannot also swear about it since there’s a negative autocorrect for this, also! What is a queer to do? improve your autocorrect dictionary!

If you utilize an iphone 3gs, visit the Settings software. During the menus, choose General > Keyboard > Text substitution and then click the + to include brand new words. Then enter the phrase you want to include two times — when while the expression plus one because shortcut. Should you decide will mistype a particular method or want capitalization, include the lowercase or mistyped adaptation on the shortcut area additionally the correct version on the expression area, like used to do with “BDSM”:

By using an Android os, the directions vary wildly, howeverare looking for the very same brand of environment: an easy way to edit the text your keyboard uses for automated corrections and book replacing.

Once you’re in, check these autocorrect repairs for
much better queer sexting
. Keep in mind that i did not include every term from queer gender feasible, exactly the people autocorrect tries to “fix.” In addition suggest adding the brands of your own preferred toys — both nJoy and VixSkin feature inside my text replacing dictionary — and avoiding words you may want in non-sexual contexts. Had gotten an indicator we missed? Let it rest within the statements!

  • butt
  • anus
  • BDSM
  • bitch
  • butch
  • butches
  • butt
  • buttplug
  • caned
  • clitoris
  • penis
  • jizz
  • cumslut
  • snatch
  • Daddy
  • vibrator
  • dom
  • domme
  • D/s
  • femme
  • pleasuring
  • fisted
  • fisting
  • flogged
  • flogger
  • flogging
  • bang
  • screwed
  • fucking
  • aroused
  • kink
  • lubricant
  • mmmm
  • Mommi
  • orgy
  • paddled
  • pegging
  • twat
  • queef
  • queer
  • queered
  • queering
  • safeword
  • sext
  • sexting
  • gorgeous
  • shibari
  • shit
  • shitty
  • slapper
  • whore
  • spanked
  • spanking
  • strapless
  • strap-on
  • vibe
  • vibrator
  • watersports

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