hand in hand for Dev

Patient NIYITEGEKA on the front of HAND IN HAND FOR DEVELOPMENT (HIHD) I’m NIYITEGEKA Patient born here in Rwanda ,Western Province,Rubavu district ,in my life I got chance to be supported by the important Women call Rosamond Carr she supported me since primary school to university during this period I got opportunities to sit time with her because my Father use to cook for her in a period of over 35 years ,this important women told me the important world “Patient don’t sleep while people are suffering “at this time she tried to explain me her background and how she struggle to support different community who surrounded Mugongo Plantation at that time I was in S2 I was like history at my age 7 years ago she when I was in graduate I I got other opportunity to share tea with her she asked me that question again it was a long period as I was little boy at that time and my communication skill was down I told her that I don’t remember that and she repeat again at that level my communication was increase and I asked her to why and she took time to explain me deeply and she told me to take a brock not a