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Youth Empowerment


Unemployment, lack of gainful employment opportunities, poor social services, drug abuse and depression are key challenges affecting Rwandan youth who make up over 70% of the population. However, the level of unemployment is still rising leading to negative socio- economic impacts such as exploitation and Gender Based Violence. These high unemployment rates result from several factors as; inadequate work readiness and employability skills due to non-market responsive education, skill-jobs mismatch, little to no opportunities, poor labour market information system and linkages, less comprehensive policies and strategies.


In this basis to respond to these challenges HIHD has developed a 2 pronged approach programme to enhance Young People’s Empowerment and Employability:

  1. Entrepreneurship Education Training(EET), Innovation and Incubation through:
  • Practical Entrepreneurship Education Training and linkages for youth;
  • Youth Professional and Life Skills Development provided through volunteer program
  1. Linkages, access to information, services and opportunities
  2. Strengthening youth businesses.